Developing An Effective Twitter Marketing Strategy

When Twitter began, it was primarily used as a way for people to stay in touch and send out brief messages about their thoughts and daily activities. As the site has become more popular, however, many businesses have realized that Twitter can be a very powerful marketing tool. If you have not started tweeting as part of your marketing approach, you need to sit down and start working on a Twitter marketing strategy.

twitter marketing strategyBy incorporating the use of Twitter in promoting your business, you can make sure that you reach the widest possible audience with your message. Twitter has many advantages. It is cheap and easy to use, and your message can easily be retweeted so that it reaches far more people than you ever thought possible.

However, if you really want to get the most from Twitter, you may have to spend a bit of money. Twitter lets you promote certain tweets and give them a privileged place for a small fee. By using Promoted Tweets, you can significantly increase the number of people who will see your tweets.

For example, many tweets have a fairly low engagement rate, as measured in the number of people who follow a tweeted link or who retweet a message. With Promoted Tweets and Trends, the rate can jump up significantly, especially if there is some newsworthy content in the tweet, such as a promotion or discount that is only good for a limited time.

Another key part of an effective strategy for using Twitter should be the effective use of hashtags. These are the ubiquitous tags that you see that start with the “#” symbol. They can be used to sort and group tweets together that are about the same subject. By choosing a catchy and evocative hashtag, you can dramatically increase the rate of response to your tweets.

Of course, before you start firing off hundreds of tweets, you need to know who you are aiming at. Understanding your target audience can be the difference between a Twitter marketing campaign that succeeds or fails. You need to understand who is in your target audience and what sort of messages get the best responses.

Running some tests can be a good way to figure out which tweets will work best. For example, you can divide your audience into two groups. Send one message to one group, and a somewhat different version to the other. By seeing which message gets the best response, you can start to determine which strategies will be most effective in evoking the kind of response that you want.

Remember that Twitter is not the only tool out there that you can use to promote your business. You should not put all of your eggs in one basket by relying too heavily on any single marketing tool. Instead, an effective marketing campaign should combine a number of different approaches to get the best results.

A good Twitter marketing strategy can be a key part of an effective online marketing campaign. If you are not yet using Twitter, you need to start right away.